For nature lovers, Villa Socorro is the place for you to stay and commune with nature. Nestled at the foot of Sierra Madre mountain range, it is an 11-hectare land bounded by Balanac river at the back where you will see women wash their laundry, fishermen cast nets to fish "ayungin" and rural kids swim while gathering "tulya" and "suso". Probinsyang probinsya ang dating, ika nga.....



Nature is nurtured naturally at Villa Socorro. Carabaos still plough the field. Grasses grow, butterflies fly, frogs leap, trees tower the sky, and birds sing in their natural habitat, naturally. Camp out and pitch a tent to enjoy nature at its best!


 At the center of the lush vegetation are ranch-style airconditioned cottages, a pavilion, a conference rooms, a recreation hall amongst other structures. Close to 90% of wood materials that were used to build these structures came from the trees which were planted 10 years ago. Of the 8,000 trees planted, about 500 were felled by catastrophic typhoon "Milenyo" in October 2006. Take a look at the furniture made out of these felled trees, you will love them!


Around the cottages is a lovely vegetable garden and a fruit orchard. Pick your favorite vegetables at sunrise and we will prepare "ginataang pinakbet" for your lunch.


The place is also known to local and foreign filmmakers. It was used as location set for a Cuban missile base in the movie "Thirteen Days" starring Kevin Costner, a Vietnam War battlefields in "Platoon" and also for a Korean



TV movie series. Memorabilia from these movies are kept including the iconic Quonset hut which has been turned into a dormitory room.


Just 2 hours away from Metro Manila, Villa Socorro Agri-Eco Village and Farm Resort is your perfect getawayfrom the city. Come and visit us! You'll love it... naturally.