Take some time away from the concrete jungle of the city and enjoy nature at Villa Socorro Agri-Eco Village. We have numerous activities that your family can enjoy.

Farm Tour

Join the one hour guided tour around the farm and familiarize yourself with Villa Socorro Agri-Eco Village. Experience the sights and sounds as well as the stories behind the farm.



Take a dip on a nice sunny day. You can choose between the natural free-flowing Balanac river or our above-ground swimming pool (Opening soon).


Filipino Games (Opening Soon)

Play games of our youth in the playground. We have guidelines for Patintero, Tumbang Preso, Piko and Sipa.


Animal Feeding

Feed the  fish, free-range native chicken, cows, carabaos and wild boars.


Carabao or Horse Ride

Be a farmer (or haciendero) for the day by riding these animals. Make sure to take a picture and post on your social media account!


Fruit Picking

Pick and pay for seasonal fruits in our orchard.


Vegetable Harvesting

Pick and pay for seasonal vegetables in our garden.


Tree Planting

Schedule a tree-planting activity and leave a positive mark not only in Villa Socorro Agri-Eco Village but in Mother Earth.


Glamping (Available soon)

Have us set up your tent and enjoy comforts of the city but in an open air setting.


Health and Wellness Practices

Wake up early and have a morning walk or jog around the farm. You may also take out your mat and find a spot to practice your downward dog and child's pose.



Try our MasaHilot massage by Lerma.


Souvenir Making

Try out this activity to bring home a piece of our own home.


Visit other towns of Laguna and Quezon

Use Villa Socorro Agri-Eco Village as you hub to visit the neighboring towns of Laguna and Quezon.



Sta. Rosa


Los Banos



Sta. Cruz