Boodle Fight

As we serve Ilonggo (where Mars, the owner hails from) and Lagunense ( Socorro is a native of Pagsanjan, Laguna) this Boodle fight meal includes the best that we have to offer.


Inasal ni 'Tay Manuel - a recipe from Manuel Aaron of Janiuay, Iloilo of slow cooked chicke inasal.


Inihaw na Liempo ni Yaya Evelyn – the liempo recipe of Yaya Evelyn who has been serving the Aaron family for 35 years and counting.


Pinalamanang Tilapia ni Mang Natnoy – Fresh Tilapia stuffed with farm-fresh veggies and cooked to a crisp.


Ginataang Puso ng Saging ni Kuya Toto – This is the most in-farm dish that we can make. Puso ng Saging, Gata, Sili and Banana Vinegar all coming from the farm.


Inihaw na Talong – Eggplant from the farm grilled together with the liempo


Banana Cue – Ripe banana from the manufacturing facility are transferred to the kitchen to turn into these amazing banana cue.


Villa Socorro Farm Sabanana Banana Chips – We are also serving our most popular product


Buko Juice – Coconut straight from the tree


400/ head, minimum of 2 persons. Boodle fight meals must be arranged at least 3 days in advance


Lechon Baboy Damo - You gotta try this! These organic farm-raised Baboy Damo only eats bananas. Slow cooked to perfection!  Available with prior arrangements.


* For other meal arrangements, these may be booked upon arrival